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Each year we host escorted golf trips from Australia to the world.

AYM Golf trips are planned around the best weather months for both golf and sightseeing to maximise your enjoyment.  Those being all year round.

Just book, pack your bags and let us do the rest. 

So if you would like to experience more surprises, please let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to advise on what is available.  

Your enjoyment is our goal!

If you’d like a little more flexibility with your holiday, let us know your ideas and travel dates and we can make some suggestions, and tailor a package to suit. We will arrange golf courses, hotels, transport, sightseeing and an English-speaking local tour guide. With our extensive local knowledge, we can tailor a tour to suit your needs with competitive prices so you’ll enjoy the unique trip's rich cultural and golfing experiences.

While you are travelling, we will keep in touch with you daily to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Our golf trips aren’t just for the golf fanatic, bring your non-playing partners along to enjoy our pre or post-extension tours. We can organise additional activities such as local cultural experiences in these destinations. Exciting shopping tours, visits to the major sightseeing attractions or simply other relaxation days. 


So if you’re considering a golfing holiday, AYM Golf will look forward to hearing from you and organizing a golf trip that we promise you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Just pack your bags and AYM Golf Tours will do the rest.

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