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Japan is a country of surprises, formality, exemplary manners, food, golf and unique culture called ‘Wa Bunka’, people rich in kindness. Japan is one of the world’s largest golf countries with over 2,000 golf courses.

The entire tapestry of the country and the incredible history of Japan’s golf courses is mysteriously inviting and something every keen golfer should experience to fully appreciate. A true “bucket list” destination!


Japan consists of four main islands; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. In Japan, there are four beautiful distinct seasons.

Japan is one of the world’s largest golf countries, there are over 2,000 golf courses with 150 in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is a perfect location in the northern part of the Japanese where the weather is ideal (cool and low humidity) in summer and you can play golf in an amazing location that is full of culture. 

Hokkaido is famous for its beautiful and incredible nature. We strongly recommend Hokkaido golf courses as they are the best quality courses in Japan.

Sapporo city hosted the winter Olympic games in 1972. Also, this city will host the Rugby World cup games in Sep 2019, where the Wallabies will take on Fiji on 21 September 2019.


  • Golf season (May through October)

  • Snow season (November through April)

  • The island has 4 beautiful seasons

  • Great scenic natural surroundings

  • Many very high-quality golf courses

Hokkaido map 2.jpg


 Designer: C.H. Alison   

Ranking #2 in Japan and # 48 in the World

The famous Fuji Course is ranked in the top 100 golf course of the world. Designed by C.H. Alison and opened in 1936, it is a distinguished course with long history and traditions. Putting to good use the rich natural landscape features of the area, the 18 holes are flanked by a variety of deep bunkers that have earned considerable acclaim in and outside the country. This course never fails to fascinate golfers of all skill levels.


The oldest course in Japan

 Designer: Komyo Otani   

The Oshima Course is a great opportunity for the visitors not staying at the hotel to enjoy the famous golf in Kawana. You will ride a comfortable golf cart that is allowed on the fairways and equipped with a GPS Navigation system to play at your own pace (without caddies). The 18-Holes are a truly in a grand location with the magnificent blue sea of Sagami Bay colourfully decorating the background.


Exclusive top 1 private course in Hokkaido

   Designer: Jack Nicklaus

Since the establishment of the first golf course in Japan in 1901, the Hokkaido Classic Golf Club is considered one of the very best. Completed in 1991, this course soon became one of the most highly rated golf courses in Japan. Its designer Jack Nicklaus commented, "the golf course was designed based on the image of my hometown of Muirfield Village". This course with its perfect mixture of natural landscape and strategic elements and has since been rated as one of Nicklaus’s greatest design works.


Championship course

  Designer: Robert Trent Jones Jr.

Each 18-Hole is separated by beautiful high tree. You will have a wonderful time playing this very good conditioned course that is famous for its perfectly manicured bent grass greens and fairways. This course is also famous as a professional golf tournament course. One of the most beautiful and elegant golf courses in Hokkaido designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.


  Desinger: Tadashi Sugaya

Championship course

Nidom Golf Course Hokkaido

The beautiful and extensive golf course is surrounded by forests and is one of Japan’s best golf courses. Some of trees are up to 25 meters tall. This course is not only famous for its beauty and toughness, but also its fantastic green space and design. The 28th Japan Senior Open Golf Championship will be held on 12 - 15 July 2018, and the club has hosted many professional tournaments over its long history.

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