Australia Junior Golf Club (AJGC)  

Australia Junior Golf Club is a development program aimed at introducing students across a range of ages to the game of golf.
The purpose of these camps is to identify those students who have both an interest in, and a natural aptitude for golf.
These programs are delivered by Golf Professionals accredited with the PGA of Australia.  
Also endorsed and linked to the MyGolf Program cater for all ages and skill levels with a greater focus on ability than age. (From 6-18 years old)
Overview & Objectives: 
Interview with Mr. David Barker (Senior PGA State Manager by Sheri Yu (Managing Director )

⛳️The course is tailored to students new to the game and focuses on fundamentals such as swing, grip and stance.

⛳️Completion of this course, supplemented with some individual practice, will build confidence among players as their ability to hit the            ball rapidly and simultaneously improves alongside their enjoyment of the game.

⛳️The team of Professionals at both Thornleigh Golf Centre’s & Pennant Hills GC are passionate about introducing the game to         


⛳️This beginner training course is part of a pathway program which can lead to ongoing training for those who have an interest in a                career in golf and can also result in opportunities to progress to golf scholarships and even the potential for a professional career.

⛳️Australia Junior Golf Club is excited by the opportunity to introduce a new generation of players to the game so they can discover for          themselves why millions of people freely admit to being ‘addicted’ to golf.


12-16 April 2021:$490 p.p
Program A


12-16 April 2021:$480 p.p
Program B


07- April 2021:     $495 p.p
Program C.png

The Australia Junior Golf Club is look forward to seeing and developing your junior golfer’s ambitions, skills and hard work will show results on the golf course and in life!